Kristiono Setyadi
Chief Technology Officer at U Connectivity Services
Software/Mobile Engineer. Former engineer at Yahoo!. Previously released the touch version of Koprol, Koprol Touch, using HTML5 technologies. Recently launched Koprol for Android on the market.


Cablet - A Toilet Finder (of Sanitation Hackathon, World Bank)
Travelisa - Travel Intelligence of NASA
Haversine Formula - Estimate the distance of two points in the ellipsoidal surface like earth using Haversine Formula
YFoosball - Yahoo! Foosball Tournament Championship Leaderboard
Koptrack - A (Koprol's) check-ins visualization using Google Earth
QRCode Generator - A QRCode Generator using Google API
Crosswords - A Crosswords Puzzle Generator in Java
RandomPair - A Randomize Pair for foosball competition (Java)
LinksExtractor - Links extractor in an html page (related to "Building a Search Engine" class) using Python
Links-Checker - Links checker in an html page (related to "Building a Search Engine" class) using Python
SOSLaunch - SOS Launch for Android
YahooPlaceFinder - Yahoo Place Finder Java library
GoogleGeocode - Google Geocode Java library
PicViewer - Random Picture Viewer from Flickr for Blaast (mobile) platform
NodeJS-MongoDB - Example use of NodeJS and MongoDB connectivity
Adjust-Subtitle - Adjust subtitle of your favorite movies (Java)

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